Monday, 16 March 2015

Mark Davies Animation Showreel 2015

More of an updated reel than a completely new one. Swapped in more of my latest work now that Soul Axiom is out on Early Access.

The Art of Disney Animation

A few photos I took at the "Art of Animation" attraction at Disneyland Paris:

EGX Rezzed 2015

As a Videogame Ambassador I'm occasionally asked to help out at certain events across the country. This time around I was asked to work the BAFTA & UKIE careers bar at this years Rezzed event. I mostly provided one-to-one job application advice but I did have a wander around and therefore got the chance to take some photos.

Wales Interactive have recently qualified for the ID@Xbox program and so were there exhibiting Soul Axiom. Myself and Wales Interactive have recently parted ways, but it was nice to see the old team and the game in action. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Disneyland Paris Trip

As I'm between jobs at the moment I decided to take a much deserved holiday with my girlfriend. I've never been to Disneyland before so I wasn't a hundred percent sure what to expect. Obviously I was expecting rides and attractions but what really surprised me was the architecture and set design. In some instances the rooms that you queue in were actually better than the rides themselves, an example being The Star Wars ride. Regardless I had a great time and thought I would share some of the more interesting photos from the trip.

A few parts of the park really reminded me of the game "Bioshock". Especially some of the posters.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Walt Disney Animation- 4 Artists paint 1 tree

A great documentary featuring four famous Disney artists. Bit of an oldie but still incredibly relevant and a worthy watch for any artists out there.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Soul Axiom at EGX 2014

I was at EGX again this year showing off Wales Interactive's new game 'Soul Axiom'. It was a really fun but tiring couple of days. My personal highlight was being able to get my hands on the soon to be released game 'Evolve'. I got to play as the creature and went up against a few developers from the Alien Isolation team. We saw a large amount of interest at our booth and the Rezzed area in general was packed full of people for the duration of my time there. For anyone who didn't manage to make it to the show this year check out the video below to see a tour of the show floor and what games were on display.

Soul Axiom- Official Teaser Trailer

Here is the trailer for my latest game 'Soul Axiom'. It's a spiritual successor to Master Reboot and is set in the digital world of Elysia. As you can see the game has a similar style and concept to Master Reboot although this time with a larger focus on game mechanics and general all round polish. The game will be made available for early access November 3rd on PC, Mac and Linux, check out the steam page here.

Video Games Ambassador

So I'm now officially a video games ambassador. VGA's open the door to a whole new world for young people; inspiring the next generation to work in the games industry. I initially got involved with the scheme due to the lack of good careers advice that I personally had when I was in school
I first decided that I wanted a career in the games industry in my second year of Sixth form. However by that time I had already chosen the subjects that I was studying and there was little I could do to change that. My next step was to find out what my options where. The careers advisor at my school was fairly unhelpful as they had no idea how I might go about entering the games industry as well as possessing an ignorance to the idea that video games in general were even a viable career. 
This is why Video Games Ambassadors are needed in schools as they can provide a brief glimpse into the world of the games industry and provide much needed careers advice and guidance. If your interested in becoming a video games ambassador or just want to find out more about the scheme then click the following link.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

WGDS 2014: Gary Napper's Alien Isolation Talk

Highlights from Garry Napper's Alien Isolation talk at the 2014 Wales Games Development show.

Gary Napper- Lead Game Designer at The Creative Assembly spoke about the approach the team took whilst creating the Alien, for the his latest title Alien: Isolation. A very interesting Q&A session also followed. Questions were taken about the upcoming game, as well as a range of issues affecting the games industry at the moment.

Infinity Runner- Oculus Rift Trailer